Golf d'Etretat

Golf course 500m from the hotel

Golf d'Etretat

A course on the cliffs

"If I had to show the sea to a friend for the first time, I would choose Etretat" said the journalist and novelist Alphonse Karr.


Located on the Alabaster coast between Fécamp and Honfleur, Etretat is a dynamic seaside resort with beautiful shops, art galleries, a casino... not forgetting the famous Clos Lupin, Maurice Leblanc's house where you can share the intimacy of the author and his illustrious character as you discover the Aiguille Creuse.


Also worth seeing and doing: the Nungesser and Coli Monument paying tribute to the aviators of the Oiseau Blanc, the Parc des Roches with a landscaped area dedicated to children, public garden, games, paddling pool, bouncy castle, mini-golf.

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Charming seaside resort

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of Étretat

Magnificent panoramas

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of Étretat

Bucolic and poetic